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Dear Jacqui

The Dementia team wish our facilitators, students, contributors and readers all the best for Christmas, a happy and healthy New Year and hope you have a chance to rest and enjoy company of family and friends. 

I also want to acknowledge my hard working team, Michael, Jai, Kathy and Jacqui and thank them for the support and work commitment they have delivered throughout the year in making our site engaging and so successful.

I look forward to seeing each of you online in 2016. 

Anne Moehead - Nurse Practitioner
Psychogeriatrics/ Dementia,  NNSWLHD
Have you finalised everything for your courses for 2015? If not here are a few things to keep in mind:

Students: you will need to ensure that certificates are printed off on or before December 17 - see notice below.

Facilitators: remember to run your reports for the courses you have run throughout the year on or before December 17 - see notice below.

Site Maintenance:

During January the site will go into maintenance mode at various times which will mean there will be no access available to members. 

The site will officially reopen early February and courses will recommence February 15.

December 7, 2015

Facilitator Training

To be a facilitator you need to be willing to share your advanced knowledge on dementia, have a commitment to seeing others educated in dementia and the ability to support participants as they work their way through the courses.

If you have a group of people who are eager to attend training or a group of facilitators that would like a refresher then let us know.

If you have access to a room with PCs that have internet access – even better!

We have a waiting list of people keen to sign up and get started.

Check out the 2016 scheduled training dates we have set below and book a place now! 

The site will
officially reopen
early February
and courses will
February 15.

Facilitator Training and Refresher Days

Facilitator Training 

Do you have a passion for dementia? Are you are champion for dementia in your workplace? Do you have the time to facilitate in your busy week and the desire to guide and support others to progress through the courses within the Dementia Care site? Is education part of your role? If so, then facilitator training may be something for you.   

Facilitator training is a hands on experience, groups are kept small which allows for enhanced learning opportunities

Dates / Venue 

Monday, February 1, 2016 - The Tweed Hospital

Monday, May 2, 2016 - Moruya Hospital
Wednesday, June 15, 2016 - Sutherland
Monday, August 15, 2016 - The Tweed Hospital

Facilitator Refresher Day - February 25, 2016 0930-1600

If you have already undertaken facilitator training but would like to brush up on your skills, learn some new tips or network with other facilitators, book in for our next Facilitator Refresher Day which will be held on Thursday, February 25, 2016 at the University of NSW, Sydney. 

Prerequisite:  To attend this day you must have already undertaken facilitator training or are currently an active facilitator.

Some of the feedback from the day we held in 2015:

  • This is a very useful day. Great networking, great information updates, great opportunities to contribute to ongoing development of this program.
  • I haven't attended the course as yet but I did find this useful and  has given me insight into the course and the training network. 
  • Refresher course should be annually because it is good networking hearing what one another is doing and finding out updated / changes to the network. Thanks for today. 
  • I picked up heaps of additional tips further to the facilitator training I did earlier in the yearAn excellent refresher day. 
  • I will be running reports and saving certificates in the future.Thanks for your time and information. 
  • Very helpful for a newbie facilitator - I have only facilitated one course so very timely.

The registration link for this day is http://2016-dementia-care-facilitator-refresher-day.eventbrite.com.au

jai-1.pngDidn't get your certificate?

It's not too late.  You may have forgotten to complete a forum or you may have missed your chat - the best way to find out what you have missed is to go to your gradebook and check what hasn't been graded.  

If you know you attended the chat or lodged your forum post, your facilitator may have missed grading your activity.

Drop your facilitator an email to ask or contact us via the Support email for us to check. 

This must be finalised before we close off the courses on December 17. 

2016 North Coast Aged Care Symposium
On Thursday and Friday July 21-22, 2016 a two-day aged care symposium, entitled: The Forgotten Issues of Dementia Emerging Insights and Developments will be held at the Ballina RSL.  A top range of speakers will attend along with breakout sessions.  The symposium will have some well respected speakers who are both engaging and expert  in their field.  Past symposiums have received excellent reviews. So mark this date on your calendar and start planning now to attend. Spaces fill fast!

Speakers to date include:
  • Dr Emily Ahearn

  • Judy Bartholomew

  • A/Prof Cramell Peisah

  • Dr Hugh Fairfull-Smith

  • Dr Gerard Byrne

  • Dr Lana Kossoff

For further information contact:
  • Anne Moehead 02 6620 2612 anne.moehead@ncahs.health.nsw.gov.au    

  • Paul Woodford  02 6620 6222 paul.woodford@ncahs.health.nsw.gov.au 

Attention NSW Health Members: Profile and Staff ID

In 2016 the Dementia Care Competency & Training Network will be linking with HETI – this will affect NSW Health members only. As a result, from the new year, it will be a requirement that NSW Health staff include their staff ID in their profile. In preparation for this we are asking all members to go to their profile and add their staff ID (also known as your payroll number). The reason for this is to allow for any course you successfully complete, within the Dementia Care Competency & Training Network, to be automatically updated with HETI.

If you do not see the field to add your staff ID then try logging out and back in again – the staff ID field should then appear.

Remember – this is only applicable to NSW Health staff who are members on the site. Those working outside of NSW Health will not be affected.

Rural Health Conference - Armidale

The 2015 NSW Rural Health and Research Congress was recently held in Armidale and hosted by the Hunter New England LHD. The theme of this year's Congress was "Rural Health - building connections". 

This event is held annually in a rural NSW location and provides an opportunity for health staff and researchers to attend a conference where the latest information on rural health is presented.

The event was supported by HETI, NSW Health and Australian Rural Health Research Collaboration. The speakers were exceptional and engaging and there were great opportunities to network with people from across many networks. 

Kathy De Souza, a member of our team, was able to attend this event and undertake a poster presentation that promoted our site, courses and the recently released Dementia Care Competency Framework. 


If you have not attended one of these events before we suggest you consider attending next year's event.

New Resource - Capacity Testing Process

John Shibu, a member of our site and Social Worker within Mid North Coast LHD, recently presented a poster presentation of the Capacity Testing Process at the 2015 NSW Rural Health and Research Congress held in Armidale.

The aim of capacity project was to use a person centred approach for patients, whose capacity was in question. A multidisciplinary team was formed, to conduct a literature review, consult with peer, state and inter-state hospitals, to review legislation and to audit medical records.

Process review revealed there was no standardised testing process, pathway, objective assessment tools or procedures. Audits reflected that health professionals had a lack of objectivity and clarity about capacity assessment process and decision making, evidenced by associated documentation (i.e., “Patient can’t go home – incontinent of faeces” or simply “no capacity”).

It is important to understand that patients rarely have global incapacity and the decision to be made should always be defined.

There is a great flowchart to follow the process.


Authors: John Shibu (Social Worker) and Kerry Barlett (CNC)

To read more and download the full report: Capacity Testing Process Paper

Introducting our Facilitators

janice-oliver1.jpgJanice Oliver is another one of our busy and dedicated facilitators. She kindly took time out of her busy schedule to give us a little more about herself.

I am a registered nurse and midwife, with a varied background. I trained at Prince of Wales/Prince Henry Hospitals, then worked in Orthopaedics at POWH where I, completed my Orthopaedic Certificate. I then studied Midwifery at St George Hospital, where I worked for 15 years in a range of roles including in the Birth Centre and as a Parent Educator.

In 2001 I moved to the Area Women’s Health Unit and worked as the Early Parenting Coordinator and Families NSW Coordinator for about seven years in total. I decided to change the focus of my work when I became the Carer Program Manager for the Area Health Service in 2008. In this role I have continued to manage a team, manage projects and provide education and work across a range of facilities with multidisciplinary teams, areas of work I most enjoy.

I completed my Masters of Health Leadership and Management in 2013 from Wollongong Uni.

Read more

Positive Approach to the Care of the Younger Person with Dementia

Those diagnosed with Younger Onset Dementia have unique challenges that impact them financially, emotionally and on their family unit. Therefore, an accurate diagnosis is extremely important when developing a management plan.

The Dementia Care team is pleased to announce that this new 7-week course will be available early next year and will become an integral part of the Positive Approach educational suite available on our site.

A sneak peak at the first four weeks of the home page view:-


Just for Facilitators - What do I need to do before the end of the year?


If you haven't logged into the Facilitator Tearoom to check out the forum posts, you are missing out!  The tearoom link is visible to facilitators only from the "Discussion" tab on our site.

End of Course Statistics stats.jpg

We have found a lot of facilitators are not aware of an extremely helpful tool in the reporting area of our courses. 

It is important for all facilitators to run a report when their course has completed.  The report can contain detailed information of each student or just a report showing who completed and what their final score was.  A great way to keep stats on all the courses you facilitate. 

Student's Certificates

Check that your students have completed the course and have received their certificate. Sometimes students forget to click on the Certificate link so the PDF will be generated.  Run a course completion report and keep this for your records after each course.


Extract the gradebook for all your students and save as an Excel spreadsheet. This is a handy way of keeping a good record of all your students along with all their course grades. For those who are good with Excel you can do comparison rates between the pre-course questionnaire and the final exam.

We are here to assist you if you are not sure what to do, but all of this information is availlable in the Facilitators online manual.

NB: This information is no longer accessible by facilitators when the courses are archived at the end of each year

Check out the video instructions in the faciliators' online manual: Link: Reports

Wedding Bells ring again... 

An exciting day for one of our team members, Kathy De Souza, and her family.


Kathy writes:

"This has certainly been the year of weddings and I am adding to the numbers and merriment. 

On 19th September my eldest daughter Rebecca married her long time partner Mitchell along side the Tweed River. Although the day before the wedding the heavens opened up with huge downpours of rain on the actual day God blessed us with sunshine and a perfect day. Following the ceremony the celebrations continued on a cruise along the Tweed River - where family and friends (who traveled from far and wide - including Geneva and Fiji) ate, drank and welcomed the couple to married life. 

The bride and groom looked absolutely stunning and radiated love, I may be a little biased, but they really did. My youngest daughter, Katelyn, who formed part of the bridal party also looked beautiful. A very proud moment for this mum to see her baby girl all grown up and becoming a wife. I am blessed beyond measure."

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