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ear Jacqui

Welcome to 2015, albeit four months down the track. As many of you have already visited our site you would have noticed that it has undergone a huge makeover to incorporate the new competency framework. 

The site has also been updated to accommodate mobile devices. As you can appreciate, many hours have been spent behind the scenes with the development and testing to ensure users have a better experience.


If you haven’t viewed Anne Moehead’s welcome video we encourage you to do so next time you visit our site and before you log in.

Many have been affected by the recent storms and floods, we hope you are all okay. For those who may have lost loved ones, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.

Thanks too to all the hard working staff and volunteers who assisted those in need during this time. Stay safe!

April 24, 2015

Facilitator Training

To be a facilitator you need to be willing to share your advanced knowledge on dementia, have a commitment to seeing others educated in dementia and the ability to support participants as they work their way through the courses.

If you have a group of people who are eager to attend training or a group of facilitators that would like a refresher then let us know.

If you have access to a room with PCs that have internet access – even better!

We have a waiting list of people keen to sign up and get started.

Competency Framework Pilot

The pilot commencement date has been delayed.  Thanks to those who have volunteered to be on the pilot - thank you for your patience.  We will advise you via email when the pilot is due to commence.

At this stage the competency assessment is not yet open to our members and we ask everyone (excluding the pilot) not to seek a mentor until we advise otherwise.

If you happen to receive a request to be a mentor, over the next few weeks, we recommend you decline this and send the person a message advising that the  competency framework is to undergo a pilot first and that they are welcome to try again after the pilot is complete.

If you are going to seek a mentor, after the pilot is complete, please ensure you have approached the person first either in person / by phone / or by email. That way the mentor to be will be expecting your request.

The Dementia Competency Framework is a new online method to evaluate and establish your clinical dementia care competency level and establish your personal education and career pathways. This new functionality will enable clinicians to assess their dementia clinical competency from essential, enhanced and expert levels of service delivery and help them plan activities to enhance or achieve new levels of dementia care competency.

In line with the facilitated method of learning employed in our courses, the online competency framework will feature a mentor / mentee model of competency assessment.


The program is based upon the recently completed cross-setting, inter-disciplinary Dementia Care Competency Framework, developed by NSW Health, The University of Wollongong and Dementia Collaborative Research Centres.

If you any questions regarding the pilot contact Kathy De Souza via email: Kathryn.DeSouza@ncahs.health.nsw.gov.au

New courses in production...
At present we are finalising the content for the next course: Younger Onset Dementia. Once complete, work will commence on the next course: End of Life.

The Dementia Care team look forward to these courses becoming an integral part of the educational suite available on our site.

We will be seeking pilot participants for the Younger Onset Dementia course in the coming months. Keep an eye on our Dementia Care in Action forum for the invitation.

World Alzheimer Report 2014

The World Alzheimer Report 2014 examines the latest existing evidence associated with dementia risk factors, ranging from smoking to socialising, and provides an analysis of interventions that have been trialled to create change around the world. We believe this is an invaluable resource. It provides the basis upon which to campaign for change, and opens the door for more research in the area.

This report has been produced to inform health promotion and disease prevention strategies. We have examined critically the evidence for the existence of modifiable risk factors for dementia. We have focused upon sets of potential modifiable risk factors in four key domains; developmental, psychological and psychosocial, lifestyle and cardiovascular risk factors.

This report strongly suggests that dementia needs to be included on World Health Organization (WHO) and national NCD planning. 

To download the full report: World Alzheimer Report 2014 

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Come be our friend on Facebook.  It is a fantastic way of keeping in touch with the latest dementia news and it also provides a great way to network with other like-minded people interested in Dementia Care.

Our page is becoming popular with some posts being reposted around the world and shared over 3,500 times. We would love you to share your comments and stories on our page.

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Facilitator Training - Sutherland and Tweed Heads
A few days after we went live in February, Kathy and Jacqui travelled to Tweed Heads to undertake facilitator training so it was a very busy week for us all.  Another group of seven facilitators were trained at Sutherland in March and some have already starting facilitating groups!  Those who attended both groups were engaging and welcoming to us both.

We look forward to training more facilitators in 2015.
poppy1.jpgThe 25th April is an important occasion of national remembrance in Australia, it marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during World War One. This year is the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli. Services right across our country will be held to remember this.

Many of those in our care, and even us as individuals, will have a link to the ANZACs. If those in your care speak about their time in the military think of the courage, bravery and sacrifices they made. It is these contributions that have helped to define our wonderful nation in which we live.  

On this important day, take a moment to reflect on all men and women who have participated in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations around the world, at the same time think of those still serving in the Defence Force today.

Congratulations to Belinda and her daughter, Hannah
This is a lovely opportunity for us to share another side of our busy facilitator's lives.  Belinda Scott, one of our hardworking facilitators writes:

My beautiful only daughter Hannah married Alex Reid, the love of her life, on 28th March, in Canberra.

Some aspects of growing older bring much joy, and for me, seeing my daughter on that day looking more lovely, relaxed and happy than I have ever seen her would have to be a major highlight of my life.

It’s a time when, amidst the crazy rush of the big day, you ponder both the past and the future, wonder where those years went and start thinking about the next generation!

Don’t underestimate the power of people’s life experiences - happy and sad, because they are what makes us who we are. And just in case you ever care for me in the future, I want this picture on my bedside!

Credit: Bad Cat Photography
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