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Dementia Care Resource and Training Network July 23, 2013
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We are well into Winter and most of us are having to rug up against the winter chills. It's been a little cool up here near the QLD border but nice to see the sun and warmer weather visit our shores once again. Interesting to see in England where they are having a heat wave and people are flocking to their "beaches" - if that's what you call them.  Hoping everyone is dodging the "flu" this year and keeping well and healthy.

"Learn to appreciate what you have before
time makes you appreciate what you had..."
 ~ Unknown

The team is busy working on the next module for our site - Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia - a six week course.  We will be looking for facilitators to take through some pilot groups to test it for us. Drop us a line via the support email if you are interested.

We are pleased to advise that we have received ongoing funding for our site - so we are not going anywhere! We are here with big smiling faces ready to help out where we can and also work on some exciting projects to enhance our site. So stay tuned...
Facilitator Training
Do you have dementia experts in your area who would like to become facilitators for our course? Can you organise the room, computers and internet access? Then contact us and we may be able to come to you for free!

Next facilitator training day:
August 29 at Wollongong Hospital

Past students - have you thought of taking up the facilitator role? It's rewarding and you will get to be part of helping others learn more about person centred care. Attend our free training day and you will be on your way. We can also buddy you up with an experienced facilitator to help you along. Contact us for more information.
Kate Swaffer's Blog


Kate is an advocate and activist for dementia and aged care, person living with the diagnosis of a younger onset dementia. Honours student at the University of SA writing a thesis on dementia.

Member of Alzheimer’s Australia committees: National Consumer Advisory Committee, Consumer Dementia Research Network, Younger Onset Dementia (YOD) National Network. Advisor to numerous nursing home groups on dementia care, performer at Adelaide Fringe 2012 on living with dementia called My Unseen Disappearing World, International and Australian presenter and keynote speaker on dementia. Patron for play about YOD, The Visitors, Urban Myth Theatre Company, 2013.

Forums for Dementia CNCs and Course Facilitators


Did you know that there are two dedicated forums just for facilitators and Dementia CNCs?  These are found under the "Discussions" tab on our site. 

Each contain a private supportive group where members get together to share the highs and lows of the course, raise issues, receive support from one another and have access to the elearning team.

We have manually enrolled a lot of you in these forums but if you cannot get access, email the support desk and we will send you the enrolment key.

Hot Topic for July
Don't forget our Alumni forum: Dementia Care in Action.  Everyone is able to access this forum including students still undertaking the course.  You can access it via the discussion tab on the site. 

The Hot Topic for this month is: Pain and the Confused Older Person.  David Neilsen has posted up the lead to this topic.  Please take the time to visit the forum and leave a comment.  It's great when everyone can take part in these interesting topics.  Here is the link to assist you:  Dementia Care in Action
Is it Dementia? A resource for recognising the signs of dementia...

A WORLD-first initiative takes a big-screen approach to the fight against dementia. Is It Dementia is a sequence of 12 short films created to highlight how dementia can impact the everyday work lives of Australians.
The films were created in consultation with industry groups, including fire and emergency services, correctional services, retail, banking, and transport.
Television presenter and qualified doctor, Dr Andrew Rochford, delivers a message in the film package that even though dementia is not always obvious, the outcomes for people with dementia can be changed through Is It Dementia.

Alzheimer’s Australia 15th Annual National Conference

Kathy De Souza, Clinical Project Officer for the DementiaCare eLearning program, presented a paper at this conference. Kathy’s paper was titled Dementia Care: Resource and Training Network. Forging ahead to meet the needs of metropolitan, rural and remote clinicians by taking a positive approach to care of the person with dementia through an eLearning application
Kathy raised the profile of the Acute Care of the Older Person dementia eLearning program which is managed by a small dedicated team within NNSW LHD. The program, is innovative, interactive, fully facilitated and provides an excellent platform for education delivery for NSW Health staff working in metropolitan, rural and remote locations. The course is accessible online 24/7 and is free to NSW Health staff.           
´╗┐´╗┐Dementia Care Competency Framework

Our team has undertaken an exciting project to enhance our site even further.  In conjunction with the University of Wollongong who has designed the framework, we are now looking at setting up an online program to encapsulate this information.  As the program is in its early stages we can't tell you too much but here is the list of competencies and domains of practice:-

  1. Facilitating person centred and ethical care
  2. Working with families/informal carers
  3. Understanding living with dementia
  4. Effectively communicating
  5. Recognising Dementia
  6. Assuring diversity and inclusivity
  7. Promotion health and wellbeing
  8. Enabling the activities of daily living
  9. Implementing therapeutic activities
  10. Promoting a positive environment
Introducing some of our hardworking facilitators...
      Kathy De Souza

You may all know that Kathy De Souza is one of our Project Officers but did you know she is also a dedicated facilitator taking students through the Acute and Community courses?


      Cath Bateman

Cath is the Dementia Deliruim (Acute) Clinical Nurse Consultant for Southern NSW Local Health District. Cath has been facilitating the course since 2011.


There is a section on our website introducing our facilitators. If we haven't tracked you down yet and if you would like to be featured on our webpage and our next newsletter complete the short questionnaire which is located in our Facilitators' tearoom forum (under the Discussion tab on our site).
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