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The past few months have been busy with our team. As you are probably aware, behind the scenes we are putting together a couple of new courses so we will be shortly seeking members to undertake the pilot of the next course - Younger Onset Dementia

Last month Jai, Kathy and Jacqui travelled to Sydney to run this year's Facilitator Refresher Day held at the University of NSW . Unfortunately due to the inclement weather around the state a few people were unable to make it. Feedback from the day indicated that those who attended enjoyed the day and found it most beneficial. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to network with other facilitators from across the state.

A big shout out to Belinda Goodenough and her team from DCRC who secured the room and provided lunch - we got to munch and learn about the happenings of DCRC which included information on their new app due to be released this month. No-one left empty handeded as resources were generously provided. These included mini guide books and flip charts. Everyone came away with a full belly and lots of goodies to take back home. We were told: "but wait...there's more... and even a steak knife was mentioned..." didn't get that - just as well as security at the airport would have pounced on us!

Sept 7, 2015

Facilitator Training

To be a facilitator you need to be willing to share your advanced knowledge on dementia, have a commitment to seeing others educated in dementia and the ability to support participants as they work their way through the courses.

If you have a group of people who are eager to attend training or a group of facilitators that would like a refresher then let us know.

If you have access to a room with PCs that have internet access – even better!

We have a waiting list of people keen to sign up and get started.

Some of the feedback from the day:
  • This is a very useful day. Great networking, great information updates, great opportunities to contribute to ongoing development of this program.
  • I haven't attended the course as yet but I did find this useful and  has given me insight into the course and the training network. 
  • Refresher course should be annually because it is good networking hearing what one another is doing and finding out updated / changes to the network. Thanks for today. 
  • I picked up heaps of additional tips further to the facilitator training I did earlier in the yearAn excellent refresher day. 
  • I will be running reports and saving certificates in the future.
  • Thanks for your time and information. Good to meet you F2F. Consider webinar ACI / AC Network
  • Very helpful for a newbie facilitator - I have only facilitated one course so very timely.
We plan to have another Facilitator Refresher Day early next year so make sure you get in early and book. 

Facilitator FAQ Booklet
fac-tips.jpgWe created a new booklet for our facilitators which we released at our Facilitator Refresher Day.  

The FAQ booklet contains the most common questions we get asked along with the answers.  

For your own copy please visit our site and access the link in the Facilitator Manual under the Support link.

Questions such as: 
  • How do I check the progress of my students? 
  • At the end of the group what reports should I run?
  • One of my students has completed all the activities but can’t get their certificate. Why?
If you find there is a question you need answered that is not covered in this booklet please email us so we can include for the next issue.
Aged Care Symposium
On Thursday and Friday 2-3 July a two day aged symposium, entitled The Many Facets of Neurodegenerative Disorders was held at Ballina RSL. The symposium was well attended with over 150 clinicians from across NSW and QLD. A top range of speakers presented as well as breakout sessions that received rave reviews.
Some of the highlights of day one included:
  • A presentation by Colleen Cartwright on Advance Care Planning and neurodegenerative decline, 
  • Dr. Chandrasekhara Padmakumar Director Parkinson`s Disease Services for the Older Person Hunter New England LHD who presented on Tremors Of The Mind: Non Motor Symptoms Of Parkinson’s Disease, 
  • John Conaghan: Social Worker from John Hunter Hospital who gave an engaging presentation on Huntington Disease; and 
  • Chris Carroll: Regional Advisor - Far North Coast Motor Neurone Disease Association of NSW.


On day two of the symposium speakers included:
  • Professor Brian Draper: UNSW / Director of for Old Age Psychiatry Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney: who presented on Alcohol & drugs both causing & complicating dementia & other cognitive disorders, 
  • Professor Gerard Byrne: UQ / Director of the Geriatric Psychiatry Service at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital who gave an update on the primary dementias / delirium / younger onset dementias and new and emerging issues, 
  • Dr. Bruce Boman: Psychogeriatrician, Director HETI SSWNC Psychiatry Concord Hospital who spoke on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, 
  • Marina Davis: ACI Neurodegenerative and Neuromuscular Conditions Working Group: whose topic was Innovating through cross-network collaboration. 
  • The day finished on a high note with a most enthralling presentation given by Judy Bartholomew: Educator/Group Worker Alzheimer’s Australia NSW: who presented 5 Simple Steps to Brain Health.

Next year’s symposium will cover dementia so consider marking your calendar now for this event for 7 – 8 July 2016 so you can attend.
Facilitator Chat
Our third facilitator online chat for 2015 is planned for:

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 between 1530 - 1630

During the hour you are welcome to drop in for as long or as short as you have. If you have a question you would like answered you can ask on the day or email our support line in advance.

Whatever your question the team will be available to answer anything related to the site, the courses or the competency framework.

Please RSVP your intention to attend or not by Thursday, September 24,  2015

  • To access the chat you will need to log into the Dementia Care site.
  • Go to the heading that says 'The Hub' In the drop down box go to 'Facilitator tea room'.
  • Down the page you will see the link to chats - click on this then go to the link that says 'click here to enter chat now'.
  • Please check prior to the day of the chat as to whether you can access the chat room if not please let us know so we can enrol you.
We look forward to catching up with you online on Tuesday, September 29, 2015. 

National Dementia Research & Knowledge Translation Forum 2015
This is the ninth forum organised by the Dementia Collaborative Research Centres, and 2015 is a two-day event on the theme “Science and Practice – The Big Questions”.

  • Day 1 focuses on “Knowledge Generators”: What are the latest dementia research findings?  
  • Day 2 focuses on “Knowledge Users”: How is dementia research informing practice and policy?


It is an exciting time for dementia in Australia. In addition to showcasing DCRC research, we are delighted to co-host Day 2 of the Forum with the Dementia Training Study Centres (DTSCs).

The 2015 Forum promises to be a stimulating exchange for anyone with an interest in dementia. The forum will be held at the Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt Street, Sydney on September 7-8.

Kathy De Souza and Michael Moriarty from our team will be presenting the new Competency area of our website, so make sure you come up and say hello.

Completion Statistics for our Site
Our facilitated courses continue to be popular across the state with a high uptake on our 12-week and 6-week long courses. 

Our half yearly completion rates are outlined below: 
  • Positive Approach to the Care of the Older Person - 77% 
  • Positive Approach to the Care of the Aboriginal Person with Dementia - 90% 
  • Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia - 89% 
  • Person Centred Care in the Community - 39% 


These numbers will change as participants continue to complete courses, an update will be given in our next newsletter. If you would like to go on our 2016 waiting list for any of our courses you can email us at the support desk letting us know which course you are interested in.

New Resource - Cloud Poster
It's great to see that members of our site are creating new tools for their workplace. One such submission is from Robyn Fox who is the Nurse Unit Manager - Medical 2 | Palliative Care at The Tweed Hospital.  The A4 sized tool is available from our repository in Word and PDF formats.


Here is Robyn's story of how they created the poster:

Both Janelle Irvine CNS and I have recently completed the 6 weeks course: ‘The Behaviour and Physiological Symptoms of Dementia’ which has been extremely relevant for the management of the many aged and unwell patients that are admitted into this acute and busy ward at The Tweed Hospital. 

Some of the patients admitted to our ward are in a delirium, have differing forms of dementia and are usually quite medically unwell. 

During these 6 weeks and because of the information in the course, we developed the Cloud Poster for the relatives to give us information to assist in reorientating the patients and to educate the staff what varied and successful lives these patients have had. We attempted to use a sunflower pattern but it was too busy and then a daisy but that was too feminine for the male patients. 

To introduce the Poster we had the staff write their own histories, hobbies and life stories which really helped make the Poster real for them. 

Below is a photo of some of the nurses on Med 2 and the ward clerk Narelle Bullock who formatted the poster. 

Currently there are five patients on the ward with posters up in their rooms. The nurses seem to react more personally to the patients and it seems to really benefit both patients and relatives.

Family Support and Trust
greg.pngThis is a submission from Greg McCoy

I have the fortunate role of being a male AIN in a Secure Memory Loss Unit.

I also have been fortunate enough to work with some great mentors and fellow staff over the past 9 years with the unit.

Over this time I have followed the mantra of ‘Person Centred Care’ to all of those I come in contact with during the course of my daily support for not only the dementia sufferers in my care, but also the families that I interact with, the staff I help to support and the Admin of the unit who I, from time to time share not only my fears, concerns and trepidations with all resident interactions but also I love to share our staff development as a team, our goals, our failings and our positive support to all we encounter on a daily basis.

Dementia Care touches each and everyone of us differently...

Read more: http://dementiacare.health.nsw.gov.au/topic/family-support-and-trust/
Another great submission from one of Janine Masso's students - printed with their permission.

Congratulations to Anne and her daughter, Renee
This is a lovely opportunity for us to share another side of our busy team leader, Anne Moehead's life.  Anne is also one of our dedicated and experienced facilitators. Anne writes:

The proudest day of my life.

Many of you may know I only have one daughter ‘Renee’, whom I am immensely proud of for her achievements and success in her life and career. Renee married Martin on the 19th July and as her mother it was one of the proudest moments of my life to see my girl marry the love of her life Martin. They really made a handsome couple.

We celebrated with family and friends over four days with much merriment, joy, partying and salutations.
Wonderful memories were made as we all contributed to the beginning of their new life together as husband and wife.  

[Photo deleted at the request of Renee Moehead].

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Our page is becoming popular with some posts being reposted around the world and shared over 3,500 times. We would love you to share your comments and stories on our page.

Make sure you "like" our page to spread the word!



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