Cognitive Screening Tools

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This is a standalone course suitable for all staff who currently need to undertake cognitive screening working in the acute, residential or community care settings.

Please Note: This is a self paced and non facilitated course. You will be required to engage an assessor to achieve competency in the delivery of the cognitive screening tools to complete.

A pilot group is currently undertaking this course. If you are NOT part of this pilot please do not undertake this course until March 5, 2018. Please click the “Commence Course” button below when you are ready to commence this course which is located at the bottom of this page.


The aim of this course is to increase participant knowledge of the importance of:

  • Consistent and standardised approach to delivery, scoring, and interpretation of results for specific cognitive screening tools.
  • Gain competence at the required standards of practice.


  • A fundamental understanding of commonly used cognitive screening tools
  • Passion to improve patient outcomes
  • Access to a computer with internet connection and an email account
  • 6 week commitment

Course Overview:

This course consists of six modules that focus on different cognitive screening tools.

The basic cognitive screening tools included in this course are:
  • The Abbreviated Mental Test Score (AMTS)
  • The Clock Drawing Test (CDT)
and a Delirium Screening Tool:
  • The Confusion Assessment Method (CAM)
 The advanced cognitive screening tool:
  • The Modified Mini-Mental State Exam (3MS)
The 3MS is a longer and more complex assessment tool compared to the AMTS and CDT, which make up the basic screening tools presented in this course.
A certificate of competency is issued upon successful completion.

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Assessors will need to be experienced clinicians working in the field of dementia, delirium and cognitive impairment and will have the competence and confidence to undertake the competency assessment of fellow clinicians.

Assessors are expected to work through the CST instructional modules to completion whilst gaining an understanding of the content and the expectations required for participants to achieve competence or alternatively undertake a pre-requisite knowledge quiz.

The Assessor Pre-Requisite Quiz requires an access key.
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