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NSW Health Dementia Competency Framework
Developed for a wide range of practitioners delivering
dementia care services across the community.
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NSW health Dementia Care Competency Framework

Self Assessment

Online survey helps measure your initial dementia care competency level

Find a Mentor

Working with your mentor set a competency goal to work towards

Map Evidence & Activities

Build a portfolio of evidence and develop an Action Plan

Certificate of Competency

Once your goal is reached, gain a certificate of competency

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September 2016

World Alzheimer’s Month – September 2016
September 1, 2016 – September 30, 2016 all-day
World Alzheimer's Month - September 2016
September is World Alzheimer’s Month™, an international campaign to raise awareness and challenge stigma. It’s a time for action, a global movement united by its [...]
Let’s start the Conversation: End of Life Planning and Care in Dementia @ Western Sydney University Building
September 28, 2016 @ 9:30 am – 3:45 pm
Let’s start the Conversation: End of Life Planning and Care in Dementia @ Western Sydney University Building | Blacktown | New South Wales | Australia
A Forum for carers and health care professionals. When: Wednesday 28 September 2016 Where: Western Sydney University Building, Blacktown Hospital General Public & Carers: 9.30am [...]

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Living with Dementia
Kate Swaffer
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Recent Discussion Topics

  • Kathy de Souza on Thursday August 25th Dementia missed in men, because memory is more often spared
    Dementia is more likely to be missed in men because they are less likely to lose their memory, a major study has found. Research on 1,600 patients found that male dementia sufferers were more likely…
  • Kathy de Souza on Thursday August 25th Doctors Say They Can Diagnose ‘Football Dementia Disease’ in Living Patients
    UCLA researchers say they detected CTE in the brain of a living 51-year-old man. Other scientists aren’t so sure. Doctors say they have found a way to diagnose Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) — the degenerative…
  • Kathy de Souza on Thursday August 25th When Dementia Threatens Your Money
    The older woman, in her mid-80s, was one of my sharpest clients, always on top of her finances. Then, not long ago, some of her children told me they found several past-due mortgage statements in…
  • Kathy de Souza on Thursday August 25th Study strengthens evidence that cognitive activity can reduce dementia risk
    Are there any ways of preventing or delaying the development of Alzheimer's disease or other forms of age-associated dementia? While several previously published studies have suggested a protective effect for cognitive activities such as reading,…
  • Kathy de Souza on Wednesday August 24th Japanese City Takes Community Approach To Dealing With Dementia
    Early mornings are routine for 69-year-old Hiroyuko Yamamoto. He's typically at a busy intersection in the city of Matsudo, near Tokyo, where he volunteers as a school crossing guard. But one rainy morning a little…
  • Kathy de Souza on Wednesday August 24th Dementia Diagnosis May Lead to Positive Outlook on Life
    A new study finds that a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment or early dementia does not necessarily portend a dark prognosis. Scientists from University of Kentucky’s Sanders-Brown Center on Aging asked 48 men and women…
  • Kathy de Souza on Wednesday August 24th Stimulating brains of dementia patients may help to boost their memory, study
    Researchers say snoozing is important for the brain to store and consolidate things that have been learned earlier in the day. Now neuroscientists have found a specific type of electrical current can strengthen the memory…
  • Kathy de Souza on Wednesday August 24th Mediterranean diet and moderate exercise ward off dementia
    What we eat does matter, especially when combined with moderate, but constant exercise! A new study soon to be published in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry scientifically links diet and exercise to successful prevention…
  • Kathy de Souza on Wednesday August 24th Getting A Little Lost In The Art
    For people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s, there is a lot of loss. As memory begins to fade, and reliance on others for daily needs increases, a person loses a sense of self and independence.…
  • Kathy de Souza on Tuesday August 23rd Here’s How Champagne Prevents Dementia & Alzheimer’s
    Good news: a latest science discovery for a disease cure claims that champagne prevents dementia and Alzheimer’s. Keep reading to know how it works! Two of the world’s worst health enemies are dementia and Alzheimer’s…
  • Kathy de Souza on Tuesday August 23rd Butler to Study the Effects of Music on Dementia Patients
    Butler University has been awarded a $600,000 Indiana State Department of Health grant for a two-year project to determine whether dementia patients’ lives can be improved through the use of personal musical playlists. In the…
  • Kathy de Souza on Tuesday August 23rd Hundreds of volunteers to help spot early Alzheimer's
    British researchers are hoping to shed new light on the very early stages of Alzheimer's disease, with the help of hundreds of volunteers. Using techniques including wearable technology, they are looking for what are known…
  • Kathy de Souza on Monday August 22nd National Edition What Alzheimer's disease teaches us about the soul
    When he was a chaplain at a nursing home in Chicago, the Rev. James Ellor decided to try an experiment. He found a Sunday school book from the turn of the century, selected the most…
  • Kathy de Souza on Monday August 22nd Zika virus can cause 'brain damage like dementia' as well as serious birth defec
    Zika can spark brain damage similar to dementia, scientists have found. The virus is linked to microcephaly - a serious birth defect in which babies are born with small heads. But until now the virus…
  • Kathy de Souza on Monday August 22nd Looking after someone with dementia: 10 tips for carers
    Carers play a crucial role in supporting people living with dementia, but how can they look out for themselves too? It can be very distressing when a loved one develops dementia – a condition which…
Dementia Care Competency Framework

The program incorporates the recently completed cross-setting, inter-disciplinary Dementia Care Competency Framework, developed by NSW Health, The University of Wollongong and Dementia Collaborative Research Centres. Ten Clinical Competencies and 40 Domains of Practice have been established to evaluate and inform dementia care professional development.

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