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NSW Health Dementia Competency Framework
Developed for a wide range of practitioners delivering
dementia care services across the community.
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NSW health Dementia Care Competency Framework

Self Assessment

Online survey helps measure your initial dementia care competency level

Find a Mentor

Working with your mentor set a competency goal to work towards

Map Evidence & Activities

Build a portfolio of evidence and develop an Action Plan

Certificate of Competency

Once your goal is reached, gain a certificate of competency

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April – August 2017

32nd International Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International @ Kyoto International Conference Centre
April 26, 2017 @ 8:30 am – April 28, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
32nd International Conference of Alzheimer's Disease International @ Kyoto International Conference Centre | Kyoto | Kyoto Prefecture | Japan
Dementia: Together towards a new era The annual conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) continues to evolve and now attracts thousands of people with an [...]
National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Transport Conference 2017: Navigating the Road Ahead @ Pullman International Cairns
August 23, 2017 @ 8:30 am – August 25, 2017 @ 3:00 pm
National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Transport Conference 2017: Navigating the Road Ahead @ Pullman International Cairns | Cairns City | Queensland | Australia
The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Corporation Transport Network (NATSICCTN) is a member group comprising all Aboriginal Transport Development Officers (ATDOs) from across [...]

Meet A Few of Our Course Facilitators

Living with Dementia
Kate Swaffer
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Recent Discussion Topics

  • Kathy de Souza on Wednesday March 1st Facilitating reminiscence in those with dementia
    Frustration can flip the switch between calm and calamity in a matter of seconds for someone struggling with dementia. As a family member and/or caregiver, you work to maintain an environment of composed stimulation, but…
  • Kathy de Souza on Wednesday March 1st This one simple thing may indicate you’re going to get dementia
    Scientists have just made an alarming discovery: something seemingly benign is actually a major sign that you could suffer from dementia. Researchers at Boston University Medical Center have just made a remarkable discovery, and one…
  • Kathy de Souza on Wednesday March 1st Younger Onset Dementia diagnosis provides 'relief' for retired lawyer
    A 56-year-old Queensland woman says being diagnosed with early onset dementia was a relief. There are more than 353,000 people in Australia living with dementia and about 25,000 of those were diagnosed young. That is,…
  • Kathy de Souza on Tuesday February 28th Chemical enzyme linked to obesity can help predict disease
    The brain disease is known to be linked to obesity and scientists have now found a chemical enzyme that exists in larger than usual amounts in the brains of people who are overweight or have…
  • Kathy de Souza on Tuesday February 28th Scientists establish ‘tipping point’ molecular link between blood sugar and AD
    For the first time a "tipping point" molecular link between the blood sugar glucose and Alzheimer's disease has been established by scientists, who have shown that excess glucose damages a vital enzyme involved with inflammation…
  • Kathy de Souza on Tuesday February 28th Alzheimer's drug prescribed off-label could accelerate cognitive decline for som
    Donepezil, a medication that is approved to treat people with Alzheimer's disease, should not be prescribed for people with mild cognitive impairment without a genetic test. UCLA School of Nursing researchers discovered that for people…
  • Kathy de Souza on Monday February 27th Dementia, Depression Common After Intracerebral Hemorrhage
    Depression after intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) is associated with an increased risk for dementia in patients with shared risk factors, according to findings presented at the 2017 International Stroke Conference, February 22-24, 2017, in Houston, Texas.…
  • Kathy de Souza on Monday February 27th A Change in Sleep Habits from Normal to Long: Harbinger of Dementia?
    Wake up, sleepyhead—your risk of dementia may have just doubled. According to a study published February 22 in Neurology, people who slumber for more than nine hours per night have twice the risk of dementia…
  • Kathy de Souza on Monday February 27th Caring for the caregiver
    No disease requires as much informal care as dementia. Some say caring for dementia patient is like a living bereavement. From the moment of diagnosis, your life changes, your role changes, you are now a…
  • Kathy de Souza on Monday February 27th Leading neurological specialist claims birthdays are dangerous
    Alzheimer's and dementia can be triggered by small silent strokes caused by high blood pressure, but "birthdays are dangerous" and can be fatal for elderly people, warns a World Federation of Neurology former president "We…
  • Kathy de Souza on Thursday February 23rd What is Pick’s disease, its symptoms and the causes?
    what exactly is Pick’s disease? With a little help from the Alzheimer’s Society, here’s a quick explanation. What is it? Also called ‘frontotemporal dementia’, it’s one of dementia’s less-common forms as it’s thought to account…
  • Kathy de Souza on Thursday February 23rd People urged to live healthier lives to reduce dementia risk
    A campaign aimed at reducing people’s risk of developing dementia has been launched by the Welsh Government and Public Health Wales. The Dementia Risk Reduction Campaign aims to encourage people to live healthier lifestyles and…
  • Kathy de Souza on Thursday February 23rd Important for dementia patients to be in a familiar home environment
    The Republic has to find ways for dementia patients to remain in their home environment, said Ms Indranee Rajah, Senior Minister of State for Finance and Law. "Many of them actually feel most comfortable in…
  • Kathy de Souza on Thursday February 23rd New virtual reality device to help design dementia-friendly buildings
    A new virtual reality device has been launched that will help architects and designers create dementia-friendly buildings and spaces by understanding how dementia can affect a person’s vision. The invention is a market first for…
  • Kathy de Souza on Wednesday February 22nd Red Wine Consumption Could Fight Dementia
    A preliminary study found that natural compounds in grapes can contain the spread of diseases such as Alzheimer's A glass of wine a day could keep the mind sharp. Several scientific studies have linked resveratrol,…
Dementia Care Competency Framework

The program incorporates the recently completed cross-setting, inter-disciplinary Dementia Care Competency Framework, developed by NSW Health, The University of Wollongong and Dementia Collaborative Research Centres. Ten Clinical Competencies and 40 Domains of Practice have been established to evaluate and inform dementia care professional development.

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